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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many teams does the HCYP Raiders program field?

The HCYP Raiders field teams beginning at 8 years old all the way through the collegiate level. The Raiders typically field multiple teams at each age group that compete in any number of travel baseball leagues and compete in nationwide travel tournaments.

2. In which leagues do HCYP Raiders teams play?

HCYP Raiders teams play in several leagues throughout Maryland that offer HCYP Raiders teams exceptional competition and vary depending on age group. These have included:

  • Mid-Atlantic Baseball Association (MABA)
  • Maryland Collegiate Baseball League
  • Chesapeake Regional Amateur Baseball (CRAB) League

3. When are tryouts?

Tryouts usually begin in late July and continue throughout the month of August and, occasionally into September, for the upcoming spring season. Tryout dates and times will be posted on this site. Check back over the summer for specific dates and times.

4. Who is eligible to tryout?

All players on full-time travel teams must be Howard County residents or the child of a Howard County resident. The determination of Howard County residency is made in HCYP's discretion.  There are limited exceptions to the residency requirement:

  • Age groups 12U and under are allowed one (1) non-resident player on the roster; age groups 13U and above are allowed two (2) non-resident players on the roster.
  • A player who has played one full season of spring, summer or fall baseball in the HCYP recreational league, and subsequently tries out and makes a travel team roster, is considered a resident.

Additionally, certain travel leagues have eligibility policies in effect regarding tryouts.  For example, a player that played for another travel program that participated in a MABA league must notify the former travel program and MABA of the player's intent to try out for a different travel team, and provide evidence of that notice to the HCYP Raiders coaches prior to attending tryouts.

5. What is the age determination date?

The player's age on May 1st of the upcoming season will determine their "league age"--the age group they are eligible to try out for that season. The leagues in which the HCYP Raiders and other local travel baseball programs play refer to age groups using an "age and under" designation, i.e., a 10U team is made up of players whose "league age" is no more than 10 years old.  If a child is 10 on April 30th, he would eligible to play for the 10U team; if he turns 11 on May 1st, he would be eligible to play for the 11U team.  

The HCYP Raiders online tryout registration process will only permit the player to register for tryouts for the correct team based on the player's date of birth.  

From 8U to 14U, HCYP Raiders policy generally does NOT permit players to "play up," i.e. play on a team that is older than their "league age." Beginning at 15U, players may
play up. Additional information is available the HCYP Raider's Travel Policy and Procedures.

6. What is the tryout process?

Initially, all HCYP Raiders tryouts are open tryouts. This means any player can attend the open tryout sessions provided they abide by HCYP county and affected travel league rules. The tryout dates and times will be publicized on this site in July and August. Once the open tryouts are complete, the age group coaches may decide to hold invitation-only tryouts to finalize their rosters.  The actual tryout workouts vary by team, but are designed to provide the coaches with an opportunity to evaluate the player's hitting, fielding, speed, and pitching abilities.  Coaches are looking for the players that build the best team possible and not necessarily the best individuals.

7. How much of a time commitment is it to play on an HCYP Raiders team?

HCYP Raiders coaches take pride in their ability to prepare teams for a lengthy and grueling regular season and tournament schedule. As such it requires year round focus and effort.  Programs vary from age group to age group and from coach to coach, but players should be expected to participate in fall and winter baseball related activities to build and develop baseball skills. Beginning in January, the indoor workout seasons begin in earnest and players should expect multiple workout dates to continue to build and reinforce baseball skills. Once the tournament and regular seasons begin in mid to late March, typically there will be 1-2 practices a week, 1-2 weeknight games, and a weekend doubleheader. Tournaments usually entail a minimum of 3 games and up to 5-6 total depending on how far the team advances.

The HCYP Raiders program also recognizes the importance of diversity within our players and encourages participation in other sports and activities throughout the year. While the travel baseball program can be intense, we believe in developing young adults to be active participants in their community and environment. HCYP Raiders coaches understand these challenges, and the challenges of parents to get their children the right exposure to all these activities. As such continual engagement and communication with the coaches will ensure all goals are met.

8. What is the cost of playing on an HCYP Raiders team?

Costs vary depending on age group and a multitude of factors.  HCYP Raiders programs are built to provide the players with access to quality instruction and facilities through a year round program. These costs include uniforms and equipment (helmet, bags, and team training equipment); workout locations at various indoor facilities; league fees; umpire fees; and various tournaments in the local area or out of town. Some coaches elect to have fundraising opportunities to help defray the costs as well as build a positive team environment.

9. How can parents and adults interview for coaching positions within the HCYP Raiders program?

The Travel Manager selection process is an annual endeavor on the part of the HCYP Raiders Travel Baseball Program to identify and appoint the best available individuals to lead the HCYP Raiders Travel Baseball teams for the upcoming season. Anyone interested in being considered for a managerial post in the HCYP Raiders Travel Baseball Program should make their candidacy known to the Travel Commissioner in the month of July. Contact information for the Travel Commissioner can be found on the Contacts page. An annual interview process is conducted in late July and early August and managers are selected at the conclusion of this series of interviews. A detailed description of this process is outlined in the HCYP Travel Baseball Policy and Procedures handout on the Documents page.

10. How can parents and adults get involved with the HCYP Raiders program?

As with any successful baseball program, the HCYP Raiders rely on the dedication and commitment of parents and adults who love the game of baseball and wish to continue our high standard of teaching and developing baseball players and young adults. If you wish to get involved with the HCYP Raiders program you can contact the HCYP Director of Baseball or the HCYP Raiders Travel Commissioner.

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